Andrew Strafford-Baker


Merry Wives of Windsor

"[a] standout performance ... from Andrew Stafford-Baker as gruff yet loveable Cockney Master George Page" - BargainTheatreLand


Iphigenia In Tauris

"[Andrew] is charming, passionate and a joy to watch.” - The Play's The Thing


“Andrew Strafford-Baker subtly suggests an emotional depth akin to the Song of Achilles” - There Ought To Be Clowns


"Andrew Stafford-Baker is cool" - LDNCard


Down & Out in Paris & London

“Andrew Strafford-Baker plays a jaw-dropping range of parts, enjoying each so much that the audience cannot help but do the same.” Jo Salkilld 

Recent Roles - The Last 12 Months


The Factory    The Boss         Sean Keeney – White Tower 

Moonlight Robber    Sam       Alex Browning 



A Midsummer Night's Dream   Flute & Oberon    Paul Gladwin - The Young Shakespeare Company


Romeo and Juliet   Mercutio & Lord Capulet    Chris Geelan - The Young Shakespeare Company


Down & Out in Paris & London   Company    David Byrne – The New Diorama (PIT)

Iphigenia in Tauris    Pyladies    Pamela Schermann – The Rose Playhouse

Hamlet    Claudius & Ghost    Chris Geelan – The Young Shakespeare Company

Macbeth    Macbeth    Paul Gladwin – The Young Shakespeare Company

The Merry Wives of Windsor   Master Page    Chris Geelan – Principal Theatre Company


2010 - present

2010 - present

Yeaaa... haven't done any yet...

For Andrew's full Acting CV, check out his Spotlight >>>>>

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