Drama Workshops and Audition Preparation


Holistic pedagogy is a passion of mine. I have worked with many students who have been let down by the current education system so I've begun to develop methods that teach key sylabus material using narrative and imagination. This 'Narrative Learning' can be successfully applied to any subject, up to GCSE. 


I have also had the privilage of studying under some of the most influential acting teachers in England & I am thrilled to have been asked to help aspiring actors prepare for drama school auditions. Having sat on the panel for RCSSD's MA Acting auditions, I have an insight into what Schools are looking for & work with actors towards their place on these courses.


All enquiries can be placed through the contact page of my website.

Audition Prep

From picking the monologues that play to your strengths & display your diversity, to discovering the techniques that best resinate with you, I can be a solid companion for any aspiring actor. I have a strong theoretical & practical knowledge of technique & approach, having begun my PhD proposal in actor training.


All fees are negotiable & depend on the applicant's situation. 

Audition Prep Testimony - Becca

... We're waiting to find out how the auditions went. Fingers crossed...

AIDEM Learning

AIDEM Learning is a company founded by a teacher of mine from many moons ago. The company began with a focus on teaching Teachers imporved methods for AQA and EDEXEL Examination, but I was asked to create a series of workshops that focused on dramatising set texts, as well as creating workshops that develop performance skills for practical examination. My work focused primarily on Shakespeare & Biomechanics.  

Testimony - Chris Bruce

"Andrew provided me with a series of concise and useful workshops for young people that helps them access examinations texts through practical engagement. His previous experience mentoring in schools shines through when running his workshops; he is an inspiring & caring facilitator with an inherent knack for teaching. I would recommend him to anyone in need of original drama workshops or an experienced workshop leader."


Chris Bruce, AQA/WJEC Senior Examiner & Director of AIDEM Learning