#ThisIsHowWeDie at the BAC

I was so looking forward to having something insightful and meaningful to say about Christopher Brett Bailey's 'This Is How We Die', but it all seems pointless now.

The show was massively impactive, hallucinatory and mesmerising - but that's already saying too much.

Nothing should be said.

All I can relay is the overarching and liberating feeling that stayed with me as I left the Battersea Art Centre last night; words will fail us, as will everything we covet - our lives are not measured and our deaths will not be pretty ... but they might be sexy.

You have to see this show...

'This Is How We Die' is running from the 9th-20th June @ BAC

This article on Exuent acts as a useful footnote, and is a good read, but I must urge you not to look until you've seen the show for youself.

#ThisIsHowWeDie #Theatre #Review

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